There are lots of choices of pool vacuum available in the market. But do you know about the best one? If you are confused about choosing the ideal pool vacuum, you are in the right place then. We have collected a package of information about the best two pool vacuums-those are Riptide and Hammerhead. Both are perfect at their functions. But you need one excellent pool vacuum for your house pool.
This Riptide VS Hammerhead pool vacuum article review is all about the differentiation between the features and functionalisms of Riptide and Hammerhead. Let us find out which one suits right for your pool in the house.

Reviews of Riptide Pool Vacuum

Riptide vs hammerhead pool vacuumRiptide cleaner has a battery load tester that can improve battery life. It provides a 10-year warranty on vacuum head sides, long cord, and stainless-steel knuckle. With this excellent equipment, you can move around the deck and into complex places.


  • Locking Bag System:

It has a unique locking bag that is inserted into the plastic lip on top. These bags are aimed to stay securely closed. You may probably face some problems getting the bags. But it will be easy after several uses.

When you hold one of the side tabs, the bags effortlessly come out. The bag has a screening capacity of 100 microns.

  • Vacuum System:

Riptide comes with a new vacuum system that can remove debris from any corner of the pool. This battery-powered cleaner collects debris with a tiny micron bag.

The vacuum head cannot break off during travel. You can remove it by moving the cart’s handle to the bottom position. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the vacuum during driving or finding your way to the pool.

  • Replacement of Parts:

The motor works without a power cord. You can easily install the power cord. This feature enables the user to replace a motor in the future.

  • High Torque Motor:

The high Torque motor uses unique metals to make the cleaner the most effective vacuum on the market.

  • Cord Reel:

The cord reel can retain the cable in position as it has enough room for the 45 feet of cord. Wrap the cord in a way so that it lays side by side in two rows. After a lot of practice, you’ll have this skill down.

  • Quick Snap Pole Coupler:

This feature helps to connect to your pool pole with the vacuum.

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Reviews of Hammerhead Pool Vacuum

Riptide vs hammerhead pool vacuumIf you want to clean your pool in less time and effort, the Hammerhead vacuum cleaner will be the right choice. It comes with sharper edges than previous models. With this handy tool, you can maneuver into hard-to-reach spots. It can be used in hotels, public pools, condos, and water theme parks.


  • Vacuum System:

The hammerhead vacuum system cleans up little tree branches, sand, and debris from the pool’s floor. It comes with 60 feet of power cord and a 30″ wider vacuum head.

  • Parts:

You can replace the parts of the hammerhead cleaner with simple hand tools.  Furthermore, many parts of the cleaner are exchangeable among vacuum heads and carts.

  • Two Blade Propellers:

Hammerhead cleaner comes with a twisting blade. It provides more vertical space at the blade edges to handle large debris. The 21″ wider vacuum head with an internally pressurized 30lb thrust motor helps clean a large surface.

  • Battery Box:

It contains an HH5056 Battery Box with an exclusive 3-piece structure. Exposed battery terminals corrode quickly and can lead to burning and explosion. Protect the battery from the sun, heat, rain, and pool water by covering it.

  • Storage Bag:

You can keep test strips, dry or liquid chemical bottles, debris in the storage bag.

  • Battery Meter:

Hammerhead vacuum offers an LED battery meter. With this outstanding feature, you can know the battery level at any given time, determine performance and power problems.

  • Material:

The frame of the vacuum is lightweight, powder-coated aluminum.

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Final Verdict:

Every pool vacuum has individual characteristics. So, you can not declare which one of them is the best. In the meanwhile, you can choose the ideal instrument according to your need and purpose. For this, we have spotted out some functionalism of Riptide and Hammerhead, so you can easily find one better for you.

With the help of a pool vacuum, cleaning the pool has become a lot easier. You need not be restless thinking about how to clean the pool. Whatever vacuum you will choose, it will make your work more hassle-free. Let us know which one you chose for your house pool and what is your decision after reading our Riptide vs hammerhead pool vacuum review.