A spillover spa does not directly heat the pool. It serves as a connection between the pool and the spa, allowing water to overflow from the spa into the pool.

This helps maintain water circulation and control the water level in both the spa and the pool. Additionally, a spillover spa can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pool area. When considering heating options for a spa pool, heat pumps are often considered the most energy-efficient and cost-effective method.

Heat pumps use refrigeration technology to quickly heat the spa water while consuming less energy compared to other heating methods. This makes them a popular choice for heating spa pools.

Does a Spillover Spa Heat the Pool? Discover the Truth Behind Pool Heating

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Frequently Asked Questions On Does A Spillover Spa Heat The Pool?

What Is The Purpose Of Spa Spillover?

The purpose of a spa spillover is to control water levels in both the pool and the spa and promote constant water circulation, keeping the spa cleaner.

How Does A Hot Tub Spillover Work?

A hot tub spillover works by connecting the hot tub directly to the pool through flowing water.

What Is The Best Way To Heat A Spa Pool?

The best way to heat a spa pool is by using heat pumps, which are energy efficient and cost effective. They heat the water faster and use less energy than inbuilt electric heaters.


Spillover spas can have a significant impact on heating your pool. By connecting the spa to the pool, water spills over the ledge, creating a constant circulation of heated water. This helps maintain a consistent temperature in both the pool and the spa.

It’s important to note that the heating capacity of a spillover spa may vary depending on its size and insulation. However, spillover spas can be a cost-effective way to heat your pool, especially when combined with a heat pump. Heat pumps are highly energy efficient and can heat your spa water faster while using less energy compared to electric heaters.

Investing in a spillover spa and a heat pump can provide you with a comfortable, well-heated pool all year round, enhancing your overall swimming experience. Consider the size and insulation of your spa when determining its heating capacity, and consult with a professional for the best heating options for your pool.