If you are interested in learning how to disassemble an above-ground pool, this is the right article for you. Here, you will learn the simplified steps for taking down an above-ground pool. Why would you want to take down your pool since it is not advisable to change your pool water regularly, let alone take down the pool?

Two major reasons that may necessitate you to bring your pool down are relocating and storing it up for the winter.

How to disassemble an above ground pool?

Disassembling above-ground pools does not require a lot of strength and experience. We will explain how easy it is to perform this task below.

How to take down an inflatable pool?

The inflatable pool is the most affordable type of above-ground pool. And it is extremely loved by kids or little children. If you are storing it for the winter, this is how best to do it.

The first step is to drain the water in the pool. To empty the pool, get a garden hose. Put one end of the hose in the pool, then pull the hose to the sewer or drainage, holding it at the other end. Use your mouth (that is if you don’t have a pump) to suction the water through the hose and into the drainage.

When the pool is empty, deflate the pool. To deflate the pool, open the black caps that are fixed to the pull. You need to realize that inflatable pools have separate valves for pumping air and draining water. So, you may need to consult your user manual to identify the valves and their purposes.

Apply pressure using your palms. After defeating the pool, you can choose to clean it before storage.

How to clean your inflatable pool?

If you like to clean the inflatable pool, you will need mild cleaning agents, a soft brush, and a bucket of water. You do not need any pool cleaner here.

Add the detergent to the water. Dip your brush in and start brushing the pool back and forth. This development can eliminate and prevent build-ups. Now, rinse the pool using your hose. But ensure that your drain caps are open during the cleaning process.

Get a pump to extract the water left in the pool. Connect your reversible hose to the pump. The essence of this is to draw out the water remaining in the holes. This process requires pushing air into the holes to blow out water that may be trapped in them.

To store the inflatable pool, get a plastic container, fold the pool, and then keep it in the plastic box. Ensure that you leave the caps open when storing the pool. So, that’s it. You have successfully stored your inflatable pool until next summer.

How to take down an above-ground pool with a frame?

As usual, the first step is to drain or empty the pool. You need your garden hose for this process. You can as well get a pump and follow the procedure above. If you installed the pool by yourself, then taking it down should not pose so many problems.

It would be best if you followed the same method you used to set up the pool. For the sake of new pool owners, we will provide the process of bringing down an above-ground pool.

The inflatable pool is much easier to take down than the metal frame pool. So, you may want to engage the services of pool professionals. But if you’re the do-it-yourself type of person, the steps below will aid you in disassembling your pool.

1. Remove the panels protecting the bolts:

When you are through with draining the pool, the next step is to remove the caps or panels covering the bolts holding the parts together at the top edge of the pool. It would help if you had a screwdriver or cordless drill for this task. Do this by going around the pool.

2. Remove the pool liner:

After unscrewing all the bolts, you will notice that the liner is no longer attached to the wall. Now, remove the liner. It is important to understand that the moment you remove the liner it becomes useless.

In some cases, you may have to remove the liner by yourself first before doing anything else. To do that, you can use either a pair of scissors or a knife to cut the liner around the top edge of the pool.

You need to replace the liner because you will no longer be able to use the old liner. This means that once you disassemble your pool, you will need to buy a new liner if you will re-assemble it.

3. Take the wall down:

After removing the pool liner, you can now take the whole wall down. Sometimes, you may need to remove the pool liner first before removing the top connecting panels. When unscrewing the bolts on the wall, you must be careful with them.

One important tip is to keep all small parts carefully in a safe box. The challenge with disassembling pools is losing small parts. These components can easily get lost. When all the screws are removed, your wall comes down.

And that’s it. You just disassembled your pool. You can see that dismantling an above-ground pool is easy. Now, roll the wall for convenient storage. If you are changing your apartment, this is a comfortable means to transport your pool.

Final Verdict

We believe that you now understand the procedures on how to disassemble an above ground pool based on everything that we explained in this article. There are different types of above-ground pools, but the inflatable pool is the easiest to install and uninstall.

Kids equally love it since it gives them a lot of excitement and fun in the summer. If you need one for your kids too, you may visit a few online websites. On that platform, you will get any above-ground pool that you want at an incredible price.

You may even request a delivery service upon purchasing a product on that site. The delivery guys are awesome when it comes to delivery services. They deliver items in their original condition. So, you can relax when expecting your product.