Lights are the most attractive logistics to decorate a house gorgeously. If you install lights in the ground of the pool, eyes will be blessed watching the beauty. Inground pool lights are so satisfying! But installing the lights is not an easy job, not impossible. And for serving this purpose, we are here to guide you about how to install inground pool lights.

Installing inground pool lights is not an issue for you now, as you have visited the article. You will find the easiest ways to install lights on the ground, some tips for doing it more efficiently, and a buying guide. Let’s check-

How to Install Inground Pool Lights – Complete Installation Guide:

For the proper installation, check the following steps with most inground pool lights.

1. Choosing light:

Before installing lights in the pool, select the best inground pool lights according to your taste, need, and budget. There are lots of lights available in the market. You can choose from halogen, incandescent, fiber optic, and LED lights.

LED and halogen lights create different ambiance throughout the pool. That will make you feel incredible while swimming in the pool at night. Also, your inground pool will stand out among the guests when you arrange a pool party wearing a pool party dress in the house. Do not lose the chance to be the talk of the town.

While choosing a 12v or 120v light, take some safety precautions to avoid accidents.

2. Assemble the lights:

After you’ve chosen the best option, connect the lights according to the recommended procedure. Sink them in deep water and check for bubbles to see if all of the closures are waterproof.

3. Power Supply:

If you want to get feature lighting, install the battery-powered lights. Hence, you can add amazing effects to your pool.

For smoothing the process, connect the lights with a GFCI outlet. The light transformer can be fitted adjacent to the socket and switched on.

4. Installation process:

  • Stop the water flow when it reaches the light. So that water can not get into the conduit,
  • Then check the lights if they are working or not. As you can not remove it after installation, it is a must to check everything properly before putting them in the frame.
  • The light inset is extended from the inside of the pool wall to the forward. If you have a hard wall, remove the edging of the wall and then connect the cord. Besides, if you assemble the lights to a soft wall, fasten the cable to the pool railing as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Search for the screw holes. There will be a light ring. You have to push the screw into the holes so that the lights can hold themselves in the spot. It is necessary to ensure that you tighten all the screws evenly.
  • After installation of the rings and tightening all the screws properly, you have to take a razor. And cut the ring’s liner.
  • Attach the inset to the wall with screws.
  • Put pressure on a screwdriver. This will create cracks in the liner.
  • Before setting the lights, you have to pull out the older wires from the holes.
  • For light installation, you have to cut the extra wires from the lights. Then put them into the holes and press them.
  • Then you have to put the necessary wires into the hole along with the lights. They will help you with further maintenance. But do not leave too many cables. They will make the lights unfit on the holes.
  • Use fish tapes to keep wires in place and stop them from coming out.

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You can maintain your inground pool lights by following some easy tricks.

  • Always place sufficient cables behind the underwater pool lights. This process will help in easy servicing.
  • Try to put on pool lights for at least fifteen minutes every week. Thus, an excess amount of moisture can be removed from the cavity.
  • If you want to install a light in an existing pool, you have to clear it and run a cable through the pool wall.
  • Enjoy the LED lights in the pool. They not only make your inground pool look aesthetic but also increase the beauty of the house. You can also see through the water clearly and notice if any unusual elements present in the pool.


Q: What types of pool lights are available for an inground pool?

A: There are a variety of lighting options to choose from when it comes to an inground pool, including LED lights, incandescent halogen bulbs, and fiber optic lighting. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Q: How often do I need to replace the bulbs in my inground pool lights?

A: This depends on the type of light that you have installed. Generally speaking, LED bulbs last much longer than traditional halogen or fiber optic bulbs and rarely need replacing. Halogen bulbs can last up to 3 years before needing to be replaced while fiber optic cables will typically require replacement every 5-10 years depending on the quality of installation.

Q: Can I add color-changing lights to my inground pool?

A: Yes, you can add both LED and fiber optic lights which feature a range of colors. This is a great way to create unique lighting effects in your pool.

Q: Are inground pool lights safe to use?

A: Yes, all types of pool lights are designed with safety in mind and are UL certified for outdoor use. It’s important that you always install them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and never attempt to work on them yourself if you don’t have any electrical experience. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician for advice and installation.

Q: How much does it cost to install an inground pool light?

A: The cost of installing an inground pool light will depend on the type and number of lights that you choose to install. Generally speaking, LED lighting is more affordable than other types of lighting while fiber optic lighting may be more expensive. It’s best to consult a professional for a full breakdown of costs before making any decisions.

Q: How do I maintain my inground pool lights?

A: Regular maintenance is essential when it comes to keeping your inground pool lights in good condition. This includes cleaning them regularly as well as replacing bulbs or cables when needed. You should also check that all electrical connections are properly sealed to help prevent water damage and corrosion. For further advice, contact a qualified electrician who can provide additional maintenance tips.

Final Verdict:

Like others, you want your house to look the best.  Along with the interior and exterior design, installing lights in the pool ground is a good option for adding extra sophistication. And for this, nothing could be more helpful than our article.

As you know now how to install inground pool lights, surprise the guests with a beautiful scenario. Nonetheless, the article will make you feel confident enough to install the lights without expert help. Let us know how you go with the methods and tips provided in the writing. Happy decorating!

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