You do not want to get iced while swimming in the pool in freezing wintertime. So, will you not take care of the pool? You have to do it with proper measures. Otherwise, the pool will not be ideal for the summer season. Among all the methods, using an air pillow is the best option above the ground pool. And for this, the size of the pillow matters. Today we’ll discuss what size air pillow is suitable for your above-ground pool. The right side of the pillow is essential to prevent your pool from ice.

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Do you actually need an air pillow?

Many pool owners may suggest that an air pillow is not necessary. But I would like to say if you are living in such a region where the temperature is above the low in the winter season, then using an air pillow is the right decision for your ground pool.

Air pillows are fundamentally called ‘ice compensators’ as they can compensate for snow. By using air pillows, a gap is created between the cover and the pool water. As a result, when snow falls, it can not put pressure on the pool. Instead, deliver pressure on the pillow. Thus, the house pool becomes safe in the winter season.

What size of an air pillow is suitable for above the ground pool?

Not many pillows are efficient for a single ground pool. So, you will need not more than one. But the air pillow has to be fit according to your ground pool. Let us check out the sizes-

In the case of a round-shaped ground pool, you can have many options.

  • In a 12 feet pool, you will need an air pillow of size 4X5 feet.
  • For an 18 to 24 feet pool, a 4X8 feet size pillow is ideal,
  • For a 27 to 33 feet pool, 4X15 feet air pillow will fit.

Oval shape pools have more options in sizes of air pillows:

  • For 8′ x 12′ to 12′ x 18′ oval shape pools, 4X5 feet is perfect,
  • In 12′ x 20′ to 16′ x 32′ pools, an air pillow of 4X8 feet is acceptable,
  • 18′ X 33′ to 21′ X 43′ oval pools, 4′ x 15′ feet air pillows fit the most.

Now you know what size of air pillow you need for the ground pool in your house.

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Final Verdict

Maintenance of a ground pool is not easy. And it can cause huge money if you do not take care of the pool in the winter season. For doing so, you must need air pillows above the ground pool.

You can not get an idea if you do not read the article thoroughly till the ending. So, without any professional help, you can save the pool from freezing. Let us know how the house pool is reacting to the protection from an air pillow. An air pillow is such a saver!