Swimming in the pool in summer noon is so refreshing.  You can get more enjoyment when you swim with the whole family. But it will get a little messy and unorganized in the little ground pool. So, to avoid the crowd, you can build a spacious deck above the pool. Are you curious about how to do that? I am here with all the necessary help you need.

Here you will get information from the smallest to the highest. We will give you the steps of how to build a small deck for an above ground pool for your convenience. These will make you confident enough to build the deck like a professional.

Building a Small Deck for an Above Ground Pool: Step by Step

If you want to increase your pool value, build a deck above it. Now, we are going to show you the steps of installing a deck-

Step 1: Designing the deck:

Determine the pool’s width and length.

  • Try to put enough space between the pool’s sides and the deck’s edge. It will help swimmers to move comfortably.
  • Consult with an inspector for stairs, guards, and handrails that may be subject to municipal codes.
  • Make the final design according to the municipal regulations.
  • You can select pressure-treated wood or composite material for the deck.
  • Detect the location of a post 30 cm from the pool’s edge.
  • Place another post 1.2 m away from the mark.
  • To determine the requirements of interior posts, add the distance from pool to post. Add with the pool’s size, and then multiply the amount by pi (3.14159).
  • Thus you will get the entire deck frame plan.
  • The inner ring will require a total of 18 posts.

Step 2: Positioning the Poles

  • To support your deck, install 4″ x 4″ concrete poles with sockets.
  • The spacing lines between two lines should be equal to the total amount of the pool cap width. 1-1/2 inch is needed for the 2″ x 6″ decking and 5-1/2 inches for the 2″ x 6″ floor structure,

Step 3: Install the deck framing

  • Add 2″ x 6″ deck supports to indicate the deck’s outer perimeter.
  • Using 2-inch deck screws, attach the supports to the outer surface of the outer pier.
  • Use 3-1/2 inch 16d metal nails to screw joist hangers securely to the inside of the supports.
  • Insert coated wood deck floor joists 2″ x 6″ into the joist hangers. Using 10d metal nails, screw the hangers to the joists.

Step 4: Install the Deck

  • Build a 2″ x 6″ deck for your aboveground pool.
  • You should place it 1/2 inch away from the edge of the pool.
  • Spacers can be used to get better drainage and expansion.

Step 5: Set up the guard rail

  • Attach 4″ × 4″ precut railing poles around the deck’s circumference.
  • To secure the poles to the frames, insert 3/8-inch x 4-1/2-inch lag nails.
  • Place 2″ x 6″ plywood into the poles.
  • Connect 2″ x 6″ hangers with the plywood.
  • Screw them with deck screws.
  • To enclose the railing, add 2″ x 2″ balusters with a 45-degree angled edge.
  • Fasten the baluster into the top of the 2″ x 6″ railing.

Step 6: Stairs installation

  • Place the base corners of two precut left and right stair stringers on ceramic patio blocks. The blocks will inhibit the stringers absorb moisture from the ground.
  • Attach the top edges of the stringers to the deck’s floor.
  • Install internal stringers to support the stair steps.
  • To finish the steps, connect 2″ x 12″ boards to the stringers.
  • Make a gate. Lock it to protect children from falling in.


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