Your pool should add to your way of life, not your remaining task at hand. Kreepy Krauly’s scope of programmed pool cleaners will keep your pool easily perfect, summer after summer. However, it is structured and fabricated in Australia; they intended to clean your pool and remove all sand, leaves, flotsam, and jetsam left under the water of the pool. After more than 40 years, Kreepy Krauly’s reputation is still as perfect as the pools we clean in the cleaning industry. today, we will talk about the Best price kreepy krauly pool cleaner available in the market.


Trusted by more than 3 million pool proprietors for quite a long time, Kreepy Krauly cleaner’s incredible suction continuously expels earth and garbage consequently. What’s more, with just a single operational moving part, you can rely on long stretches of reliable help at an affordable cost. Here are our top 6 best kreepy krauly system pool cleaner reviews:

1. Pentair 360048 Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side in Ground Universal Pool Cleaner

My grandfather used to have one of these during the 80s when my father was a little child. He called it “creepy-crawly.”  Later I came to know the real name is “Kreepy Krauly.” I imagined he named it that due to the ticking and jumping movement in the pool. Recently I purchased one of these old ticking beasts for my pool.

The setup was amazing; it just took around 5 minutes to assemble everything and drop it in the pool. By and large, it worked brilliantly with effortless maintenance.

Moreover, its suction power is extreme, it picks up huge amounts of stuff from sand to leaves, worms, and a couple of stones. I noticed the first occasion when it hit that enormous heap of gunk in the base of the profound end it got stopped up, and I grappled with it to get everything cleared out once more

However, it requires an amazing siphon with a high stream rate to work at top execution. In general, Kreepy is working superbly, and the cost is truly reasonable in replace of programmed pool cleaners.

Key Features

  • Evacuates soil and flotsam and jetsam automatically by cleaning the tile line, dividers, and floor
  • Joins your pool’s current filtration framework, so no requirement for a supporter siphon
  • Turbo-activity swivel structure for improved mobility and a more extensive admission, permitting the unit to vacuum up bigger flotsam and jetsam
  • Incorporates 40 feet of hose


2. Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner

Because of its smooth design, we had a ton of trust in Pentair’s 360042 Kreepy Krauly. It is one of the best price kreepy krauly pool cleaner. It has the vibe of something that can carry out the responsibility. Like other suction-side cleaners, it is very simple to set up and reasonable for a pool cleaner. At the point when it gets moving, it works superbly cleaning, and the skirt permits it to keep up enough suction capacity to clean dividers. You were unable to request more from an essential pool cleaner.

Presently, the terrible news: When the Kreepy Krauly inground pool cleaner reaches the outrageous finish of the hose, it begins to lose suction rapidly, which implies it experiences difficulty in enormous pools. It likewise has no interior controls or intends to modify its course, so its developments are altogether irregular. That implies it is inclined to stall out, so you need to focus on what it’s doing. Pentair’s client support is incredible & they respond quickly.

Key Features:

  • Plunge glide navigational framework helps cleaner to guide the entire pool from the water line to the pool base for incredible cleaning inclusion
  • The programmed valve naturally manages the water stream to set the perfect travel speed for increasingly careful cleaning
  • Cleaner wings help soil and trash legitimately move into the filtration framework. Intended for more noteworthy floor-to-divider cleaning inclusion
  • A unique “one moving part” design lasts for a considerable length of time
  • Overall dimension:42″L x 16.5″W x 7.5″H


3. Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner

BEST PRICE KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANERThe principal thing that comes into my brain while discussing this cleaner is its extra-wide mouth, which is fit for catching flotsam and jetsam of various sizes from the pool. It will end up being successful in the event that the leaves shed by the abutting trees get gathered in the water. Other comparable contaminants can also be expelled.

The second thing to search for right now is its unrivaled seal structure alongside the uncommonly built cuts and fingers, which guarantee that the primary unit stays unblemished at its position. It additionally accompanies an in-constructed guard with the goal that you can clean the means and stepping stools quietly. In this way, for individuals who are weary of their old vacuum cleaner, this cleaner can be an answer to their concerns. Moreover, assembling the parts is very simple, and it is similarly simple to deal with it.

Most clients have been glad to utilize this cleaner in their pools. It worked extraordinarily for pools with out-cleaner connection ports.

Key Features:

  • This dreadful krauly cruiser programmed in-ground pool cleaner has many structure components shared by the most famous suction-side cleaner in history
  • Prevalent vacuum force and extra-wide mouth catch huge and little flotsam and jetsam effortlessly
  • Prevalent seal configuration incorporates uncommonly designed cuts and “fingers” to guarantee the unit
  • Bumper guarantees hassle-free movement around steps and stepping stools for all-out cleaning without using hands
  • Associates with your skimmer or vacuum line fitting in minutes without any devices


4. Automatic Generic Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Vacuum Complete Set

BEST PRICE KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANERThis one is one of the editor’s top picks. I had an excellent experience with this vacuum pool cleaner. In the event that you have a pool inside your home and are tired of pool cleaning. At that point, this pool cleaner will give you the best cleaning and bring about the ultimate solution.

This programmed conventional kreepy krawly pool cleaner is eco-friendly. All the parts are manufactured with proper care & quality. What’s more, it has a proficient force for pool cleaning.

Also, this pool cleaner has no wheel, which meant no chance of a jam, and riggings breaking. This Kreepy Krauly Vacuum Pool Cleaner doesn’t require connecting with any power source since you simply need to join this cleaner with your pool filtration framework to make your pool clean. It has a specific and arbitrary example for the best inclusion, that will make you sure an inch of your pool floor is flawlessly spotless and vacuumed.

Key Features:

  • A programmed generic kreepy krawly pool cleaner can clean your pool productively at a low cost.
  • The eco-friendly design makes it easy to utilize and simple to convey.
  • Easy to maintenance
  • It can clean pool water in abbreviate time without clamor.
  • Simple to assembly


5. Pentair GW9500 Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

BEST PRICE KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANERHaving a pool is fun, but keeping it clean is not so simple. Be that as it may, with the Pentair GW9500, you will appreciate both the ideal mix of fun and tech. This machine will clean profoundly while dislodging little rocks and intense soil. It will clean and vacuum the in-ground pool and dish, container, and slope pool bottoms. Considerably more, it has a 15-inch cleaning way, implying that it will scour, clean, and vacuum both the dividers and the floors of your pool. Moreover, it is UV-safe.

It will clean any shape and size of your in-ground pool in any case. This cleaner even accompanies 32 feet in length hose and a progressive structure. To zest it up, the Pentair GW9500 is the only programmable cleaner that gloats of twofold columns of directional fibers that extricate earth and crash both little and huge trash. What’s more, its lightweight makes it simple to move.

Moreover, you don’t need to take stress about setting this cleaner up because it doesn’t require any specific instruments to introduce it. You should simply basically snare all pieces of apparatus to a vacuum line and quickly make it prepared to clean.

Key Features

  • Programmed in-ground pool cleaner
  • SmartTrac technology steering effectively explores pool impediments for continuous cleaning.
  • Flexible to guarantee the best cleaning
  • The vacuum port entryway fitting has a spring-stacked spread for security
  • Cleans gunite, fiberglass, vinyl, and other forte surfaces in a 15-inch way
  • An extraordinary diverting system permits escape from troublesome territories


6. Pentair 360302 Warrior Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Pentair 360302 Warrior Automatic In-Ground Pool CleanerThe Pentair Kreepy Kraul Warrior Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner is an incredible option for anyone searching for the best suction pool cleaner robot. It deals with all kinds of pools (solid/gunite, fiberglass, vinyl).

It doesn’t ever stall out or stop up either, which is uncommon for some suction-side pool cleaners. In any case, one little special case is that while it doesn’t stall out, once in a while, it’ll remain clean in the profound end. It can experience difficulty getting into the shallow end.

In contrast to other people, the Pentair cheap kreepy krauly pool cleaner Warrior climbs your pool dividers. It’ll get a large portion of the soil and earth from your pool.

Key Features:

  • Highlights a two-wheel structure with a customized directing cycle
  • Good with gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl pools or any other type and shape of the pool
  • Sure-Flow Turbine configuration permits soil and flotsam and jetsam to go through effectively to abstain from stopping up
  • Roller Skirt cleans over deterrents with continuous suction



KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANER uses stainless steel and rubber parts. All electrical components are fully submersible and encapsulated to prevent corrosion or water damage.

  • How does it work?

It works using the natural action of your swimming pool pump and filtration system. KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANER’s patented design allows it to move around the bottom, walls, and steps of your pool without getting stuck or tangled up in debris like standard suction cleaners.

  • How often do you need to clean the pool?

This pool cleaner automatically removes dirt and debris from your pool every time it goes around. This means you can keep your swimming pool cleaner for longer periods of time without the build-up of harmful algae or bacteria.

  • What are the KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANER’s dimensions?

KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANER is 36 inches wide and has a 42-inch reach.

  • Can I use KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANER on any type of pool surface?

Yes – you can use it to clean all types of pool surfaces, including concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass.

  • What are the KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANER’s user instructions?

KREEPY KRAULY POOL CLEANER’s user instructions can be found inside the product packaging.


Final Verdict:

We hope you discovered an incentive in our best price kreepy krauly pool cleaner review. We trust that you have extraordinary karma in buying a suction pool cleaner and that you discover long stretches of satisfaction in utilizing your pool.