We realize that keeping up a pool isn’t a child’s job, that is the reason mechanical cleaners are made to make this part of a pool proprietor’s life a lot simpler. The Hayward RC9740 SharkVac is a moderate automated cleaner that is intended to work for a wide range of pools. This cleaner has been considered as one of the most vital, convenient & affordable cleaning arrangements. This Hayward SharkVac robotic pool cleaner utilizes 94% less vitality than other competitors’ brands’ pool cleaners. The total electricity it utilized is equal to the vitality used by a standard bulb light. Stay with our Hayward Sharkvac review to acquire more information.


If you are searching for a simple solution for cleaning your pool, pick the one that has both all the latest features & a flexible control plan. Hayward RC9740CUB shark vac has all that you need. You’ll get the Hayward Sharkvac manual when buying it. Let’s see the key features this machine offers to us-

1. Specialized Particulars:

This Hayward pool cleaner is intended to get garbage from both the in-ground or up-ground pools and it likewise works in solid, gunite, and fiberglass pools. Also, this programmed Hayward pool cleaner comes with a separate garbage storing chamber and channel cartridges. You can expel them anytime when you need to clean them and use them again or supplant them with fresh new ones. The main minor disadvantage is identified with the cord and we will disclose to you why. In the client manual, it is prescribed to lift the pool cleaner by pulling the cord. But the cord isn’t heavy enough; sometimes, they get harmed during a lifting activity.

2. Cleaning Performance:

The Hayward RC9740 SharkVac begins its work promptly once you fall it into the pool. Its mapping technology analyzes the size of your pool to set up the most proficient and powerful daily schedule.

3. Out Of Water Sensor:

There is an in-build out-of-water sensor that protects the engine by not allowing it to work when it’s expelled from the pool. It additionally utilizes a seashore section sensor that distinguishes when the robot is moving out of the water; also, it has the opportunity to pivot and proceed with its cleaning cycle.

4. Fast-Clean Innovation & Automation:

The cleaner confesses all innovation; this is utilized to abbreviate the cleaning time of your robot.

Also, the cleaner has an automated cleaning cycle. All you need to do, just set the cleaner to clean the pool overnight or within the first hour of the day, whichever you like.

5. Convenience and Durability:

The item is very convenient to use after unboxing it from the box. This implies this robot no longer needs any establishment in your pool’s siphon and no apparatus is required. Simply attachment and let it play around your pool.

Additionally, this Hayward pool cleaner runs independently from the pool siphon and pool channel, so you never need to take stress about whether it’s good and will work with the pool siphon system or not.

6. Power Efficiency:

As referenced, this automated cleaner consumes 94% less vitality contrasted with most customary pools. This implies this robot causes you to spare significantly more energy. This is an exceptionally advantageous feature- as you can bring down energy costing and also help to save the earth both at the same time.


  • ​The flotsam and jetsam remain in the channel cartridge until you void it, so there’s no issue of garbage dropping out of the net. Just get inside the trash chamber from the top and clean the chamber.
  • Time-consuming; clean the entire pool within an hour or less.
  • Energy consuming; utilize less force than many pool cleaners.
  • ​It can work on any pool’s surface, such as in vinyl, solid, gunite, and fiberglass pools.
  • It has a programmable cleaning cycle, so you can set it to clean the pool any time you want. It will do the rest
  • You can wash the cartridge with a nursery hose shower spout more often than not.
  • It operates both in crisp water and saltwater pools.
  • No additional reassembly is needed, just unboxing it, connecting with the plug, and using.


  • ​The machine is somehow overweighed.
  • ​The line is inclined to tangling.
  • It doesn’t climb the dividers of the pool, so just the base of the pool gets spotless except if you evacuate the stream restrictor, and that isn’t prescribed.



Does Hayward shark vac RC9740 come with the power supply?

Answer. Yes, it has.

Can this model work upper-ground pool?

Answer. Yes, it is intended for both in & ground pools.

Is this cordless?

Answer: Nope, it has approx. 30 ‘long cord that associates with a low voltage controller.

The best Hayward pool cleaner for the money is the Hayward RC9740 SharkVac cleaner. This little four-wheel automatic pool cleaner will cover your whole pool. Hope our selected HAYWARD SHARKVAC Robotic pool cleaner review will help you to get proper information.