Having a home-ground pool is a fantasy for some people. But, nothing is so baffling when you have to invest most of your energy & money into keeping it up rather than partying on it with your family & friends. Pools trap a wide range of flotsam and jetsam, and without legitimate cleaning, they can turn out to be a humiliating element of your home. But don’t worry! Our innovation is continuously improving. Those days are gone when you needed to devour practically the entirety of your time and vitality just to clean your pool. Now we have Polaris f9550 pool cleaner which is also called a sport robotic in-ground pool cleaner.

You will get Polaris 9550 pool cleaner in our Polaris pool cleaner review. It is an expensive high-class machine-learning pool cleaner that works admirably in expelling flotsam and jetsam from the base and sides of your in-ground pool.


The Polaris 9550 Pool Cleaner consolidates all that you need in a mechanical pool cleaner. Here all means all that you may ever need to clean your pool. It’s programmable yet can alter its coding dependent on the most recent AI and mapping innovation. It can tidy up everything and will alert you automatically when the filter is full. Moreover, it’s programmable seven days ahead of time and can climb dividers that it through a waterline cleaning mode. Polaris 9550 manual guide will help you to run it properly.

While this model has some great features, there are still some flaws in this Polaris 9550 pool cleaner. For example, line tangling and a drowsy remote control. It’s a little bit costly too, yet on the off chance that you have a uniquely formed pool or huge pool up to 60 feet over, it’s unquestionably worth a look.



  • 4-wheel drive automated cleaner furnished with Aqua-Trax tires. It is perfect for all pool surfaces
  • Comes with ActivMotion Sensor Technology for the unmatchable route
  • 70 feet larger pool cable
  • The Vortex Vacuum Technology permits cleaner to get bigger flotsam and jetsam while keeping up the most extreme suction
  • The backwater drive framework allows the cleaner to collect at flotsam and jetsam under stairs and in tight corners
  • What’s more including a 7-day programmable clock, handheld remote controller, and powder-coated caddy.
  • It is perfect with any of the IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, and SunTouch remote control frameworks to control the IntelliFlo siphon remotely

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1. Adjustable Control:

The movement-detecting remote control permits you to adequately decide precisely where and when the 9550 robotic cleaner cleans. Inconceivably responsive, basically direct the handheld remote gadget toward a zone inside your pool, and it will go there naturally. This guarantees you are consistently in charge of this machine’s cleaning power, and no piece of your pool will ever remain undiscovered on your watch.

Likewise, the Polaris 9550 has an assortment of highlights that guarantee a predictable clean. With a 7-day advanced programmable clock, you can set the code based on custom cleaning examples and let this mechanical gadget wrap up.

Additionally, the waterline mode permits you to guarantee that this cleaner cleans only between the ranges of the pool’s tile line. Through the assistance of its mind-boggling Active Motion Sensor Technology, in any event, cleaning enormous or freestyle pools are simple for this keen gadget.

2. Power:

This cleaner considers one of the most powerful pool cleaners in the market. It is fantastic a direct result of its water charge tires that authorize the movement over any sort of pool surface you have.

Also, it’s a four-wheel-drive innovation, which can clean any kind of in-ground pool, including pools that have steps and soak dividers. Aside from that, it has a long link length, roughly around 70 feet.

3. Dynamic Motion Sensing:

This improvement is a splendid expansion to this automated machine learning clean. It appears to have its very own psyche as it detects where it has been and never goes over a similar area twice in any one cycle.

4. Vortex Vacuum Technology:

In the event that pool proprietors have issues with various flotsam and jetsam not having been gotten by the mechanical cleaner, well, this Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner has now made it conceivable. This innovation conveys higher vacuum power contrasted with different models.

5. Flexible Lifting System:

Another cooling component of this automated cleaner is the simple lift framework, which is remote-controlled. With only a dash of the catch, it rises to an ideal area and trusts that the proprietor will snatch it. Along these lines, not any more substantial lift.

Moreover, this accompanies a convenient vehicle caddy. So you can wheel it from its stockpiling spot to the pool and the other way around.

6. Seven-day Program:

You will cherish the shrewd 7-day program highlight of this artificial intelligence clean. Just set it clean for seven days, contingent on your use and cleaning requirements. And when all is done, enjoy your pool time with an effortless week.

7. Waterline cleaning mode:

Most of the pool proprietors complained that their cleaners consistently are facing some hard memories of cleaning the waterline. Either the cleaner won’t climb the dividers all around ok to carry out the responsibility, or it hits that line, and the nearness of oxygen prompts it to return beneath. The F9550 accompanies a different mode to scour the waterline, where the water’s surface will, in general, collect a substantial measure of flotsam and jetsam.

8. Any Drawbacks?

Given the propelled helpful highlights of this automated cleaner, however, it’s advantageous and simple to use, there are a few downsides that we have found as well.

This mechanical pool cleaner has a long link length. One thing I dislike is that it doesn’t accompany a swivel and it gets tangled up with its cord. Moreover, the remote control and the 7-day program may appear to get pointless, as the cleaner can never again appropriately move, and you need to assist it with loosening up.

The machine might be considered incredibly amazing; anyway, it’s likewise a costly mechanical cleaner available today. In this way, on the off chance that you question its capacity, send us a message or remark underneath for any explanations.



What is the length of the power cord of this robotic cleaner?

Ans. 60 feet.

What sort of guarantee accompanies this?

Ans. All Polaris mechanical pool cleaners accompany a two-year constrained guarantee.

Does it have a Swivel string?

Ans: Yes, the newest models come with a swivel string.

Where is this cleaner manufactured?

Ans: Their corporate headquarter of Polaris is in California, USA. But the real item was manufactured in Malaysia with joining parts from different nations.

In the Polaris pool cleaner review, we learned Polaris 9550 is Zodiac Pool Systems’ lead as an automatic pool cleaner. In light of current circumstances, it offers exceptional cleaning execution, a movement-detecting remote, and a lot of programming alternatives. Yet, It’s a little bit more expensive than its rivals, but the new inventive Lift System for water evacuation makes it super comfy to expel the robot from the pool when the cleaning cycle finishes. Moreover, its performance & configuration guarantees that earth and flotsam, and jetsam will make some hard memories getting away from this gadget. Sit back, snatch the included remote, and let the 9550 Sports deal with the rest.